KMS Auto Lite | Windows and Microsoft Office Activator

KMS Auto Lite | Windows and Microsoft  Office Activator

KMS Auto Lite is a famous software use to activate your Microsoft Office and Windows. It is the best activator because of it's simplicity ; few clicks and you will finish in no time. Because of it's high-quality features and secure activation. You will not worry of viruses any more.

This version of KMS Auto Lite is the most secure ,active and supported version. Don't be fool by the "ACTIVATORS" you will find online, it is full viruses that can harm your computer. This application is one hundred percent working. Who needs a key product  if you can ACTIVATE your Windows and Microsoft Office with just few clicks.

How to use KMS Auto Lite Activator?

  1. First thing you want to do is to click on the download button and you will be directed to my google drive, and download the file.
  2. After you download you must turn off or deactivate your windows defender or Anti-virus. You know your anti-virus treats this kink of files that have and extension of .exe or "executables" as not permitted applications and if you extract it with out deactivating your anti-virus it will be deleted.
  3. After it, run the KMS Auto Lite.exe
  4. Then open the activator and click ACTIVATON > ACTIVATE WINDOWS.

Be sure to follow this steps. If it is not clear to you , I will post a step by step tutorial to this site so just wait for it.


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