Adobe Lightroom v6 Premium MOD apk

Adobe Lightroom v6 Premium MOD apk

If you are a Photography enthusiast, you must install Adobe Lightroom v6 Premium MOD apk. It is a powerful software that makes your pictures more stunning and elegant because of the advance Presets, Effects and other editing tools. You can use all the Premium features of this application for FREE with this Adobe Lightroom v6 Premium MOD.


What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a Free Photo Editing and Color correction Software Application Tool for Android Smartphone. It helps you edit and enhance your pictures with ease without using your computer. Nowadays, some people want to make their pictures more beautiful and elegant before posting it online. But editing pictures requires more talent and knowledge about graphic designing or photography. But not anymore. Because of Lightroom's "pre-set" ,any one can make or create beautiful pictures and photos with just one simple click. 

For those of you looking to take your work to the next level, this photography app will bring miracles to your photos. It will simply overlay a forced filter on your photos, but a comprehensive set of photo editing tools that were previously only available on Macs.

Adobe Lightroom Features

Adobe Lightroom owns all the fundamental instruments of a mobile photo-editing application. Cropping and rotating helps you discover the best ratio to your photos. You'll be able to crop the picture manually or use some predefined ratios. With Rotate, you'll be able to regulate your picture to any angle. simply use your finger and rotate the picture to the angle you want.

Improving the lighting and colour of photos has by no means been this easy. With the slider design, you may simply vary the colour and lighting of your photos. Making your pictures stand out and be extra sophisticated. The Brush Healing function helps you take away all undesirable objects in your photos.

Do you wish to possess the copyright of your photos? Use the watermark by deciding on Sharing with watermark in Preferences. However, this utility doesn't help you use picture watermarks or logos but solely textual content watermarks. you'll be able to alter the font measurement and place of the watermark. In addition to picture enhancing features, Adobe Lightroom additionally has a built-in digital camera feature.

Other features:

  • Filters are available
  • Supports all RAW file formats
  • Supports all RAW file formats

Adobe Lightroom Premium version.

Lightroom is free. You can download it on Google Play store and login with your Facebook or Google accounts. But the free version does not have too many features unlike the Premium one. To upgrade to Premium version, you need to pay 10$ per month of use.

Some advance features of Premium:

  • Copy Settings: If you have an amazing edit and you want to apply it to another photo, this feature will help you do that simply and quickly.
  • Tone Curve: The feature that makes the objects on your image come alive and stand out.
  • Copy the original image, upload it to the cloud without any reduction in size. You can download it on any device.
  • Toolkit including Geometry, Upright and Guided Upright will help you adjust perspective easily.
  • Healing Brush: Delete an object in the photo correctly, conveniently and quickly.
  • Automatic tagging of photos, help you categorize and search faster.

Lightroom Adobe

Dog Lightroom edit

Adobe Lightroom v6 Premium MOD apk

But don't worry, this MOD version unlocks the Premium features, allowing you to use all the advance tools just for FREE.



Download Adobe Lightroom MOD APK for Android

  1. Download the Adobe Lightroom MOD apk by clicking the download button above.
  2. Make sure that the Installation from Unknown Sources was enabled in your device.
  3. When you finish downloading it, Hit install and wait for just a few seconds.
  4. Done! Enjoy editing your pictures and selfies!


After you install the MOD version, absolutely don’t log in. Touch “X” in the left corner of the screen to use the application. If you are logged in, the MOD version may NOT WORK.

If the app is force closed suddenly, just reopen it.


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