Wondershare Filmora9 Pro FREE Installation Guide!

Wondershare Filmora9 Pro FREE Installation Guide!

Today I will teach you how to install Wondershare Filmora9 Pro FREE on windows. Free lifetime activation and without watermark. Be sure to follow all the steps for a successful outcome.

How to Install Wondershare Filmora9 Pro FREE?

Before anything else, Download the installer of Wondershare Filmora 9 Pro by clicking the download button above. And if you have install Filmora in the past, you must uninstall it. Next turn off your anti-virus or windows defender.

Then Extract the file that you downloaded.

Filmora Files

Now you can see two folders and a text document containing instructions. Click on the Setup folder.

Filmora setup

After opening it, click on the filmora_64bit installer.

Filmora language

Select Language, then click ok.

Wonder Share Filmora 9

Then Check the " I have read and accept the agreement". Then click next.

Filmora 9 Select file

Select where folder you want to install the files. Then click next.

Install Filmora

Now you are installing it. Wait for a few minutes until the installing is done.

Done installing



Uncheck first the join the user experience improvement Program.

Task Manager

Then go to your TASK MANAGER, go to details and END TASK all Filmora. Just like in the photo.

Filmora CRACK

After that go the the Crack folder and open it.

Filmora CRACK folder

Copy the .DLL file.

Filmora directory

Go to > Local Disk(C:) > Program Files > Wondershare > Filmora9. Paste here the crack file you copy.

Filmora CRACK file

Filmora CRACK file


Checking if this is working and legit.


OK! Now you are 99 percent done. The last thing we need to do before we finished this tutorial is WE MUST CHECK IF THIS IS LEGIT AND WORKING!

First, Open your Wondershare Filmora9.

Wondershare filmora9

Now we are here on the Filmora application.

Filmora licensed

Okay guys! License is already ACTIVATED. Next we must check if we did get rid of the watermark.

Filmora Video Editor

First I will create a small video out of the Sample videos here.

Wondershare Filmora9 Pro FREE Installation Guide!

Then I will export it and save.


And I will play it.

Wondershare Filmora9 Pro FREE

It is legit guys! No more watermark! If you love what we do please do follow our social medias and Also Please check also How to install Netflix Premium MOD apkInstall Photoshop CS6 for Free and Spotify Premium Free Apk Download.


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